Please read some of the reviews, have a bit of an idea of what kind of readings I do.
I prefer to meet in person for readings, but I can do long distance over the phone if you like.
I will need your birth time, place, and date. My rate is $200 for a reading, this is around one hour plus, the focus is all on you and helping you find the thread to weave your life into harmony. I have done many readings for many years and feel if a person is drawn to me for a reading it's for a deeper reason..for them to open to greater possibles in their life's journey.
That all being said, I also do a bit of Seva, meaning if you really cannot afford my price, a trade, or less time adjustment can be worked with.

Diane is a gifted astrologer. I have gone to astrologers in the past but many times found them to be too technical or unable to translate what they find into layman's terms. Diane is able to do both: explain the technical elements of what she is seeing & explain how it all ties together in terms that are easy to understand. I used her services more than once while I was going through some difficult transitions in my life & her readings were extremely helpful to me. I would highly recommend her services!

Lynn J, Healthcare Professional

I have always been happy with Diane’s Readings-they have helped me a lot through my live – Diane is a very special Person inside and out! I can highly recommend her.

Tina, Business Owner

Diane is a clear channel of light.

Her extraordinary gift of intuitive Astrology opens you up to new and unseen possibilities while keeping you safely grounded on your earthly journey. With her wisdom, compassion, and sharpness she makes sure you stay aligned with a bigger picture. As much as she honors the loving guidance of the planets, the planets recognize her as their Master Don't be surprised to have circumstances shift  "magically" after a visit with her.

Petra Wagner

Over 30 years ago I had an astrology reading with Diane that had a very big impact on my life today.  I remember it very vividly.It wasn't that she predicted what was to come for me, but the reading gave me insight into possibilities of my life that I had not considered.

It opened me to new.  I am very grateful for that reading and insight.  

Carol, Business Owner